Tumbler (20 oz) – Red


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Sporting a beautiful, streamlined, metallic red body with a laser-imprinted logo on the food grade stainless steel undercarriage and a killer-red slide-action vacuum sealed lid, this 20-oz tumbler is a tried-and-true classic here at Show Me Logistics! When filled with your go-to beverage, this beauty will get you from beginning to end of your workday with ease. Like all objects of art, this tumbler requires tender loving care in the form of handwashing and its beautiful metallic finish is not recommended for microwave use.

· Lightweight yet durable, this 20 oz tumbler has everything you need to enjoy a good beverage.
· Double-wall food grade stainless steel to keep drinks hot or cold for a long time
· Slide closure lid to prevent spills
· Hand wash recommended and not intended for microwave use.

77 in stock



A bad joke to get you through until the delivery of your beautiful red tumbler:
Why did the kangaroo stop drinking coffee? He was too jumpy!

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20 oz.

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