Tumbler (30 oz) – Black with Metal Rim


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If you have ever gone to your local fast-food joint and ordered their large 30-oz drink but were frustrated that the ice melted too quickly and the drink got tepid before you could finish it, then this is the tumbler for you! Transfer all 30-oz of your delicious beverage of choice into this tumbler and it will stay nice and cold all day. But we are not discriminating against the hot beverage drinkers; if a hot beverage is your cup of tea (or coffee or cocoa), this bad boy will keep it nice and warm for hours.

· Arctic Zone® Titan Thermal HP® tumbler made of double wall stainless steel.
· Copper-lined vacuum insulation helps keep drinks hot or cold for hours.
· Size: holds 30 ounces

3 in stock



A bad joke to get you through until the delivery of your awesome insulated tumbler:
What do you call a cup that falls off a swing? A tumbler!

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