Carol Curtis

“I want to sing the praises of the Show Me team…once again you have come through when I was literally back against the wall. I have every ounce of faith in your team! Thank you!”

Kelby Marlin

“The entire Show Me team has done a spectacular job for Convoy. We recently hit the 40 Million meals delivered mark. That was done, in no small part, due to Show Me. Know this, YOUR WORK MATTERS!”

Crystal Gabor

“The shipment was picked up and delivered on time with no damage. The communication was great. I couldn’t have asked for better. Thanks again for the help!”

Josh Scott

“The new way they crated the axles is PERFECT. Nothing moved and the shipping company was great to work with.”


“You guys are the best group of people to work with that I’ve ever ran across in the tough world of the trucking industry!”

Randy Lee

“ Thank you and your team for being so reliable on getting trucks for us. We realize this no easy task. We couldn’t ask for better communications.”

Bonnie Bass

“Stacey is so helpful! She is AWESOME. One of the companies I deal with from UK have not delivered to us. I talked to Stacey and she is on it, but best of all, she has set my mind at ease. I know she gets things done (so I don’t worry).”

Jeff Holbert

“THANK YOU! You really take the lead on our needs by getting us quotes quickly and you’re very good at follow up.”

Dan Abrams

“ I love your notifications and updates. They really provide for my peace of mind. Thank you for your ongoing assistance!”

Tena Gould

“Thank you so much. This is one of the reasons why I do business with your company. You have excellent service. You have my trust that I can count on you to help me when problems occur with shipments.”

Lyndsey Colvin

“We appreciate everyone at ShowMe and think you’re magicians when you pull off the near impossible! :)”

Taryn Blow

“I appreciate your reliability more than you know!”

Jan White

“Thanks so much for following this through to the end. I truly appreciate the “over and above” resolution to the problem. I will be reaching out for your services in the future.”

Lura Reaser

“I know this is your job to help with this stuff but seriously you are awesome! Thank you!”

Beau Brosius

“That was impressive service, Karry. The right price, the right transit-time and lightening fast turn-around to provide a same day pickup after normal operating hours.”

Linda Wood

“Thank you Stacey for being so prompt with your shipping information. I wish we could set up all of our shipments with your company. There are days that I have to wait all day for the shipping information from other companies. Once again, thank you!”