Warehousing & Fulfillment

From basic warehousing and inventory management, to full-fledged and highly customized storage and distributions requirements, we have you covered. Along with our offsite warehousing, we offer completely transparent product inventory, receiving, order fulfillment and shipping services. The combination of our expansive storage facilities and our transparent tracking options will help to drive down overhead costs and will enhance the speed and flow of your supply chain. 

Logistics Consulting

The terrain of the transportation and logistics industry is ever evolving. As time moves on, there are greater demands and pressures for more efficient and effective systems and infrastructure. We help supply chains to meet those demands by navigating the shifting terrain. Show Me’s expert team members and comprehensive tools will help you evaluate your Supply Chain’s true needs. From the initial purchase order to the final delivery, we can help to make your Supply Chain more transparent and manageable. We want to help you build a successful and fully functional operation.

Freight Bill Auditing

At Show Me Logistics we are proactive on the front end during shipment origination and work to prevent issues that could possibly cause invoice discrepancies. When discrepancies occur we work with our shippers to resolve and prevent re-occurring issues. We handle all disputes with carriers so our customers can concentrate on growing their business. Our technology solutions ensures that our customers have full visibility to their shipment charges and our operations staff monitors EVERY shipment throughout it’s life cycle to insure freight charges are correctly applied and every freight bill is audited to insure accuracy before carrier payment is made.

Valued Customers



Josh Scott

“The new way they crated the axles is PERFECT. Nothing moved and the shipping company was great to work with.”

Linda Wood

“Thank you Stacey for being so prompt with your shipping information. I wish we could set up all of our shipments with your company. There are days that I have to wait all day for the shipping information from other companies. Once again, thank you!”

Jan White

“Thanks so much for following this through to the end. I truly appreciate the “over and above” resolution to the problem. I will be reaching out for your services in the future.”