Our Mission

Our mission is to work alongside our customer as a member of their team and not just as an outside service provider. We strive to help our customers be successful in their mission by matching their transportation needs with the best available solution for every shipment.

We leverage our combined 45 plus years experience and the industry’s latest technologies to optimize our customer’s logistics operations and support it with the very best customer support services available. We provide solutions that will take your company to the next level operationally and at the same time increase profitability. We hold ourselves accountable to exceed your expectations in every service offered and we are not satisfied unless every customer has had a positive experience with our business. We are a passionate team. We know what we’re doing and it’s evident in the quality of our service. To learn more about our services, click the button below:

Meet Our Team

Dave Ausbury
Dave AusburyCo-Founder

Graduate of Evangel University with a BBA in Business Management.
Dave is a Logistics Professional with 20 years expertise in all areas of Transportation.
Experience includes LTL Operations / Sales Management and Pricing Development, Private Fleet Management, Technology Systems Creation/Application and Third Party Logistics Company Development / Ownership.

“My goal is to share my experience and knowledge in Logistics to build a successful business providing gainful employment for our people while helping other businesses be successful.”

Robbie Brewer
Robbie BrewerCo-Founder

Robbie started his Logistics Career in the LTL industry as a driver and quickly advanced to Account Manager and Terminal Manager. He has held various operations and sales management positions and was the Premier Midwest LTL Sales executive in the Industry before the start up at Show Me. Robbie is a true Transportation Sales Professional!
“I am blessed to be a founder of Show Me Logistics and I am committed to helping our customers be successful by providing valuable supply chain solutions gained through my experience in the industry to provide the professional dedicated service that they expect.”

Chris Corrigan
Chris CorriganSales Executive

Graduate of Rockhurst University with a BBA in Business Management.
Chris is a seasoned Transportation Sales Executive. Experience includes, Direct Consumer Sales, Fleet Management, Customized Account Specialist, Sales/Branch Manager and most recently LTL Account Executive. Chris has a strong knowledge of the transportation industry and is a Sales / Customer Service Prof.

“My goal is to listen to our customer’s needs and expectations; and use my transportation knowledge from my experience to develop and apply a solution. I will go the extra mile to accommodate those needs to show our customers we truly do value their business and desire to gain their long term partnership.”

Tyler Rantz
Tyler RantzOperations Manager

Graduate of Missouri State University with a BBA in Marketing/ Management and a BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Tyler has spent the last 5 years in Operations where he has specialized in Truckload, LTL and Intermodal shipments. In the last 3 years, he has become an industry expert in specialized shipments including trade show shipments, expedited, and border crossing. He is a critical problem solver and is always willing to go the extra mile for the customer.

“My goal is to have every customer consider their problem is solved when working with me.“

Karry Baker
Karry BakerTransportation Professional

Karry is an experienced transportation professional who has had the privilege of a hands-on education covering nearly every mode of transportation. Her combination of account management and operations experience means she understands the logistical challenges a customer can face and can provide a variety of solutions.
“I thrive in a culture of continuous learning and growth. I am always interested in taking a new approach to solving an old problem. The ever-changing landscape of logistics means I have the opportunity to continuously strive for more effective supply chain solutions.”

Stacey Worley
Stacey WorleyLogistics Operations Specialists

Graduate of  Missouri State University with a BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Stacey began her career at Show Me Logistics in May 2017 while still attending school and has become an expert in LTL / Volume LTL and Partial Truckload shipping operations. Logistics comes second nature to Stacey and she is currently an account manager for our Saint Louis area customers. Her customers love working with her and rave about the way she takes care of business.

“The most rewarding part of my job is building relationships through exceptional service. I always want to provide the best service for our customers, and deliver true value by offering solutions when they face challenges in the supply chain. When we can help our customers succeed and they are happy with the service we provided, it makes the challenges all worthwhile.”

Jennifer Uchtman
Jennifer UchtmanAccounting - Office Management
Graduate of Missouri State University with a degree in Molecular Biology.

Jennifer comes from a family of Logistics Professionals and is the initial employee at Show Me Logistics. Jennifer is an expert in Accounting Systems and Office Management. Jennifer’s Accounting/Office Management skills laid a solid foundation for the success and future growth of Show Me Global Logistics.

Blake Beeson
Blake BeesonLTL Services Professional
Blake is a Graduate of Missouri State University with a BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Blake has five years of dock operations experience and specializes in sourcing the best solution for LTL and partial truckload shipments to meet the cost and service requirements required by the customer.

Blake thrives on helping customers with their Logistics needs and is a firm believer that “When our customers succeed, we succeed with them.

Andrew Whittaker
Andrew WhittakerOperations - Quality Assurance

Andrew is an expert in building customer relationships with ten years of customer service experience.
Andrew handles everyday customer satisfaction and service quality management and specializes in building customer and carrier relationships.

“I strive everyday to become an expert in every aspect of logistics, taking care of the customers and carriers is my top priority”.

Trey Raynor
Trey RaynorLogistics Operations Specialist

Trey worked as an Intern at Show Me Logistics while pursuing his college degree. Trey graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in May of 2018 and immediately came onto the Show Me team.
Trey is a talented new Logistics Professional Candidate and is a natural with formulating Logistics Solutions and in passionate about everything he does.

Paul Standefer
Paul StandeferSales Executive

Graduate of Lewis and Clark College with a BS in Marketing and Business Communication from College of the Ozarks.
Paul brings 33 years in transportation and sales experience to the team with backgrounds in both national and regional markets. He began his career as a local account executive and quickly advanced, having sales responsibility with both local and corporate accounts before transitioning to a regional management position for the past 10 years. Paul shares our vision and commitment in the “pursuit of excellence” and complete “customer satisfaction”.

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to work alongside our current and future customers and earn the opportunity to become a valued partner in their supply chain management by meeting and exceeding their expectations and corporate objectives.”

Laura Ervin
Laura ErvinAccounting Specialist

Graduate of Missouri State University with a Bachelor Science degree in Psychology/General Business.

Laura has 25 years of working accounting experience and does Accounts Payable and helps with Account Receivable aging reports.

“I am excited to work with a great group of people who care about carriers and customers, and thrilled to be a part of the success and future growth of Show Me Global Logistics.

Andrew O’Brien
Andrew O’Brien

2020 Graduate of Missouri State University with a BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Andrew began his career with Show Me Logistics in 2019 while still in school and has moved in to a full time position as a Logistics Specialist on our operations staff. Andrew has a promising future in logistics and is currently managing several accounts as well as our  LTL quality assurance duties.

“I am excited to be working with the team here at Show Me Logistics and I look forward to working in the Industry. Being from a small town outside St. Louis the close knit environment here at Show Me Logistics feels just like home”

Adam Lucht
Adam Lucht
Adam is a 2020 Graduate of Evangel University with a BBA in Business Management. Adam started his career at Show Me Logistics in 2019 as an intern and has moved in to a full time position as a Logistics Specialist on our operations staff. Adam is our primary Power Securement team member and uses his natural relationship building skills to find the best, reliable carriers that meet the needs of every customer. Adam is a tremendous addition to our staff and we are looking forward to providing the fertile ground for him to flourish as a Logistics Professional.

“I am excited to be a part of the Show Me Logistics team so I can continue to learn from the experts in our office on how to be the best in the industry.”

Eric Huyck
Eric Huyck

Graduate of Northeastern State University Tahlequah, OK with A Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.

Eric brings 30 years of working accounting experience and helps the accounting team with Account Payable and Accounts Receivable. Eric has a knack for detail oriented tasks and plays a crucial role on our accounting team.

“I am excited to work as part of the Show Me Logistics team and strive to provide the best possible customer service for our carriers and customers.”



Josh Scott

“The new way they crated the axles is PERFECT. Nothing moved and the shipping company was great to work with.”

Linda Wood

“Thank you Stacey for being so prompt with your shipping information. I wish we could set up all of our shipments with your company. There are days that I have to wait all day for the shipping information from other companies. Once again, thank you!”

Jan White

“Thanks so much for following this through to the end. I truly appreciate the “over and above” resolution to the problem. I will be reaching out for your services in the future.”

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