Freight Bill Auditing


Why Show Me?

We Save You Time

Let our experts handle load tendering, tracking and tracing along with bill auditing

Extraordinary Service

We have an advantage over our competition by providing the very best Customer Service available in the industry.

MacroPoint Tracking

We offer a COMPLIMENTARY, user-friendly, and technologically-sound solution that provides a high level of transparency within supply chains!

Dedicated Dispatch

We take the back-office management of your trucking company off your hands.



Josh Scott

“The new way they crated the axles is PERFECT. Nothing moved and the shipping company was great to work with.”

Linda Wood

“Thank you Stacey for being so prompt with your shipping information. I wish we could set up all of our shipments with your company. There are days that I have to wait all day for the shipping information from other companies. Once again, thank you!”

Jan White

“Thanks so much for following this through to the end. I truly appreciate the “over and above” resolution to the problem. I will be reaching out for your services in the future.”

Valued Customers

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