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We all love the convenience of Post-It notes. The notepads are so handy to grab when you need to jot down a quick note, and it is so convenient to peel it off and stick it where you can look at it and remember why you jotted down the note in the first place. I bet you thought that no one could improve upon the Post-It note. But we have because we increased the size to a whopping 6×4 inches. We also took the boring old yellow Post-It Notes and made them look better by covering them with our logo and contact information. BOOM! (Insert mic-drop motion here).

· 6 x 4-inch Post-it® Notes
· 50 sheets per notepad

394 in stock



A thought to ponder while you await the delivery of your handy notepads:
I thought of a good post-it joke, but I didn’t have anything to write it on.

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